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517 Cheng-Yu Chen, Mohamed Gamal Mohamed, Wei‐Cheng Chen, Shiao-Wei Kuo Construction of Ultrastable porous carbons materials derived from organic/inorganic double decker silsesquioxane (DDSQ) hybrid as a high-performance electrode for supercapacitor Materials Today Chemistry download
516 Mohamed Gamal Mohamed, Chia-Chi Chen, Kan Zhang, Shiao-Wei Kuo Construction of three-dimensional porous organic polymers with enhanced CO2 uptake performance via solid-state thermal conversion from tetrahedral benzoxazine-linked precursor European Polymer Journal download
515 Poonam Nagendra Singh, Mohamed Gamal Mohamed, Shiao-Wei Kuo Systematic Design and Synthesis of Conjugated Microporous Polymers Containing Pyrene and Azobenzene Building Materials for High-Performance Energy Storage ACS Applied Energy Materials download
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512 Wei-Ting Du, Shiao-Wei Kuo Tunable thermal property of poly (styrene-alt-phenylmaleimide)-based alternating copolymers through mediated hydrogen bonding strength Polymer download
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504 Aya Osama Mousa, Cheng-Hsin Chuang, Shiao-Wei Kuo, Mohamed Gamal Mohamed Strategic Design and Synthesis of Ferrocene Linked Porous Organic Frameworks toward Tunable CO2 Capture and Energy Storage International Journal of Molecular Sciences download
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500 Ting‐Chih Chou, Wei‐Cheng Chen, Mohamed Gamal Mohamed, Yen‐Chi Huang, Shiao‐Wei Kuo

Organic‐Inorganic Phenolic/POSS Hybrids Provide Highly Ordered Mesoporous Structures Templated by High Thermal Stability of PS‐b‐P4VP Diblock Copolymer

Chemistry–A European Journal download
499 Shiao-Wei Kuo

Construction Archimedean tiling patterns based on soft materials from block copolymers and covalent organic frameworks

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492 Maha Mohamed Samy, Mohamed Gamal Mohamed, Shiao-Wei Kuo Conjugated Microporous Polymers Based on Ferrocene Units as Highly Efficient Electrodes for Energy Storage Polymers download
491 Shan Li, Peng Xiao, Weiqing Yang, Chang Zhang, Jincui Gu, Shiao‐Wei Kuo, Tao Chen Hierarchically Nanostructured Janus Membranes Toward Sustainable and Efficient Solar‐to‐Thermal Management Advanced Functional Materials download
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487 Chang Zhang, Peng Xiao, Dong Zhang, Feng Ni, Jincui Gu, Qingquan Liu, Shiao-Wei Kuo, Tao Chen Wet-Spinning Knittable Hygroscopic Organogel Fibers Toward Moisture-Capture-Enabled Multifunctional Devices Advanced Fiber Materials download
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484 Maha Mohamed Samy, Mohamed Gamal Mohamed, Santosh U Sharma, Swetha V Chaganti, Tharwat Hassan Mansoure, Jyh-Tsung Lee, Tao Chen, Shiao-Wei Kuo Constructing conjugated microporous polymers containing triphenylamine moieties for high-performance capacitive energy storage Polymer download
483 Mengyao Gao, Min-Jie Zheng, Ahmed FM EL-Mahdy, Chen-Wei Chang, Yu-Chun Su, Wen-Hsin Hung, Shiao-Wei Kuo, Li-Hsien Yeh A bioinspired ionic diode membrane based on sub-2 nm covalent organic framework channels for ultrahigh osmotic energy generation

Nano Energy

482 Kuan-Ying Chen, Hsuan-Sen Wang, Shih-Po Su, Shiao-Wei Kuo, Chao-Kuei Lee, Ahmed FM EL-Mahdy Π‐Electron‐Extended Porphyrin‐Linked Covalent Organic Framework for a Q‐Switched All‐Solid‐State Laser Advanced Photonics Research download